MoSys’ Programmable Search Engine (PSE) architecture features 32 search-optimized processor engines, data flow schedulers, and over a terabit of internal access bandwidth. The device leverages MoSys’ proven serial GigaChip® Interface technology and high density integrated memory (1152 Mb of 1T-SRAM® embedded memory). The 32 processor elements have direct access to integrated table memory through an internal interconnect and scheduler architecture.

The PSE-S30 (MSPS30) is a monolithic IC which features a pin-efficient high-speed serial interface where the host device can access 1Gb of internal memory directly or through user-defined functions that run on up to 32 search optimized processor elements. The processors access table memory using single or atomic RMW operations and return the results to the host through the serial interface. With high internal throughput and efficient schedulers leveraging up to 8 domains to provide coherency and performance, the PSE-S30 can implement high-speed search or other custom functions to accelerate networking, security and data center applications.

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