The MoSys LineSpeed™ 100G Low Power Octal CDR (MSH110) is a single-chip CMOS IC optimized for CDR/retiming applications inside optical or copper modules that have aggressive power and thermal requirements and can also be used on line cards to support full duplex 100GE or OTN operation. The device supports QSFP28, CFP4 and CFP2 4x25G module interfaces with a strong self-adapting equalizer for ease of connection and improved signal integrity. The device features the industry′s lowest power dissipation, small package footprint, reference-free operation, system and line side integrated loopbacks, and diagnostic capabilities using the MoSys IC Spotlight™ Analyzer in conjunction with on-chip PRBS generation and error checking.

QSFP28 Module Application Example

Key Features

  • Industry lowest power and highest integration
    • 100G Full Duplex design (8 lanes)
    • Industry lowest power - 750mW
    • CMOS design
  • Ease of use
    • Self adapting Rx equalization
    • Local and remote loopback
    • Monitor functions and PRBS generation and test capability (all ports)
  • Design flexibility
    • Reference-less option
    • Polarity and lane swap
    • Flexible reference clocks
    • Small 8x8mm package fits all module types

Product Brief

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