The MoSys® LineSpeed™ Flex MSH420 28G 2:1 MUX IC is a flexible SerDes device for multiplexing slower rate 10-14G data rates into single 20-28G lanes and de-multiplexing on the return path.

The MSH420 has two banks of SerDes, referred to as A Side and B Side, connected together by a digital section. The A side can support up to 10 lanes and the B side can support up to 5 lanes. Tracing the data path in either direction, the input data goes to an equalizer for opening the eye, a data slicer for digitizing the data, a clock & data recovery block for retiming, a serial to parallel converter, a digital section for data translation (MUX A to B and DeMUX B to A), a parallel to serial converter, transmit de-emphasis to add optional pre-cursor and post cursor, and an output driver.

The device is packaged in a small 17x17mm FCCSP for module or daughter card applications.

Application Example

Key Features

  • Supports up to 5 instances of MUX (bit interleave) function:
    • 2x9.9-14.1G to 1x19.8-28.2G
  • Supports Up to 10 Lanes A side and up to 5 lanes B side
  • Mux and DeMUX functionality supports full bidirectional link
  • Lane training option to maintain lane ordering
  • Protocol agnostic electrical interfaces support multiple standards such as IEEE, OIF or Rapid IO
  • Includes options for short reach or long reach electrical interfaces
  • Self-adapting equalizer and eye opening capability
  • Transmitter and TX pre-emphasis
  • Per lane PRBS generator and bit error rate checker
  • Software Compatible with LineSpeed Flex PHY family

Product Brief

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