The LineSpeed 100G Multi-Mode Gearbox (MSH310) is a single chip low power CMOS device designed to support 100G, 40G and 10G standards for line cards or modules supporting next generation data center, enterprise or service provider applications. The device supports 10/11 Gbps serial data up to 25/28 Gbps serial data with minimum external components and includes equalization to support longer reach applications.

The device converts 10 lanes of serial 10/11 Gbps data into 4 lanes of serial 25-28 Gbps data or 10 lanes of 10/11 Gbps data per IEEE 802.3ba and integrates a complete CAUI and OIF-CEI-3.0 transceiver along with a 10:4 or 10:10 multiplexer and 4:10 de-multiplexer.

The MSH310 supports IEEE802.3ba 100G Ethernet plus OIF-CEI-3.0 10G and 25/28G specifications. It supports on-chip PRBS generation and checking.

Application Example

Key Features

  • Support of IEEE and OIF 10, 40 and 100G standard
  • Strong self adapting equalizer - eye opening capability
  • CDR & SerDes functions
  • Transmitter and TX pre-emphasis
  • PRBS generator and bit error rate checker
  • Low power standard CMOS

MoSys’ Gearbox supports four modes


10G = 9.95G - 11.2G
25G = 24.75G - 28.2G

Product Brief

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