The LineSpeed Flex 10 Lane Full Duplex 25G Retimer with RS-FEC (MSH225) supports up to 10 full duplex lanes (20 channels) with independent rates up to 28 Gbps for high data rate line card applications up to terabits per second. The flexible, multi-protocol SerDes device includes an option for the Clause 91 RS-FEC specified in 802.3bj for 4x25G NRZ interfaces. When the RS-FEC is turned off, the MSH225 device functions as a standard multi-rate and multi-protocol retimer capable of passing data whether encoded or non-encoded. Each lane is independent and supports a broad range of frequencies compatible with 10G, 25G, 40G and 100G Ethernet and OTN standards. With the 100G 802.3bj RS-FEC encode, decode and correction functions enabled, the device lanes 0-3 will encode data in one direction and decode and correct data (if needed) in the other direction. The IEEE 802.3bj RS-FEC enables additional signal integrity and/or distance capability over copper or optical interconnects and has been specified in multiple standards and MSAs.

The device provides equalization, clock and data recovery, and re-transmit for up to 20 lanes of serial traffic from 10-15G or 25-28G. It supports multiple on chip error checking and monitoring capabilities, reference clocks and ability to monitor the optional 100G RS-FEC status.

The device is packaged in a small 17x17mm FCCSP for module or daughter card applications. It is pinout and software compatible with the MSH320 100G Gearbox and the MSH322 100G Multi-Link Gearbox.


Key Features

  • Full duplex 10 lane retimer (20 lanes)
  • Includes 802.3bj Clause 91 RS-FEC (4x25.78G)
  • Support of IEEE and OIF 10, 25, 40 and100G standards for Ethernet and OTN
  • Self-adapting equalizer and eye opening capability
  • Transmitter and TX pre-emphasis
  • Per lane PRBS generator and bit error rate checker
  • Compact 17x17mm package
  • Pin compatible with the MSH320 and MSH322

Product Brief

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