If you have the drive, skill and attitude, we have a culture that rewards innovation and accomplishment. By enabling our professionals with the right tools, knowledge and superior technology, MoSys inspires its employees to do their best.

MoSys’ goal is to continue providing cutting-edge high-end communications solutions for next generation networking systems. Our flagship product, MoSys® Bandwidth Engine® family of ICs, combines the company’s patented 1T-SRAM® high-density memory technology with its high-speed interface technology. For MoSys’ Bandwidth Engine products to provide the powerful impact to our customers that we envision it can, the company must continue to innovate.

MoSys innovation comes from motivating and challenging some of the best, most intelligent minds in the semiconductor space-the MoSys team. We are committed to cultivating and promoting a diverse, collaborative environment. Our multinational, multiethnic employees have the opportunity to successfully impact the company’s business, and we strive to give employees a fun and flexible, yet focused working atmosphere, with an emphasis on team commitment.

We work hard and we play hard. We want our employees happy and energized when they are at work. MoSys management knows that all employees need time to “recharge.” We encourage our employees to spend time with their family and friends. Everyone needs time to relax and unwind.

The people who work at MoSys are our true resource. We take pride in our work and in our employees. These are just some of the reasons we offer a comprehensive and flexible benefits package. We recognize how important it is to provide support to our employees in every way we can. It is through our employees’ talent, drive and determination that we have become a market leader in embedded IP, and it is the way we will sustain our lead.