“When moving beyond 400Gbps throughputs, network-processor (NPU) designers face a pin-count crisis. Those same engineers worked hard to minimize cost and power by using traditional DRAM wherever possible, but that strategy is unsustainable. As a result, serial memories are coming to next-generation routers. Broadcom (then NetLogic) led this trend with search coprocessors that use Interlaken Look-Aside interfaces (see MPR 12/17/12, “Broadcom’s NLA12000 Leaps Forward”). This quarter, MoSys will start production of its Bandwidth Engine 2 (BE-2) family (see NWR 3/11/13, “MoSys Cranks Up 400Gbps Line Cards”), which offers a serial alternative to specialty memories such as QDR SRAM and RLDRAM/LLDRAM.”

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